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Tea box 9-compartments with a tasting of flavors tea

Dutch tea box with suede and fabric is a luxury tea box as a promotional gift or souvenir from Netherlands in their Christmas gift. Store tea bags in this beautiful large tea box on the high tea table or do a tea box filled with tea gift.
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A tea box of The Dutch Tea Box is a unique Dutch design. The tea box is made of solid Board lined with luxurious suede. Solid Board is very strong. There need you worry about that. There are even furniture made of cardboard. De luxe upholstery of the tea box can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. The advantage of the suede lining on the tea box is that the tea box can never scratch your glass table or a side table. The tea box is user friendly, iconic and practical. Choose a 4-compartment or a 9-compartment tea box with different tastes tea and leave the choice to your guests and serves tea in a stylish way.

Great tea box

A large tea-box with 9 boxes has the advantage that you have multiple different kinds of tea in tea bags and valuables. In addition, you have the opportunity to save some extra tea in a tea shop as the supermarket or a special offer.

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A luxury tea box is more than a practical solution for storage of tea. The different types of The beautiful Dutch Tea Box are very nice to gift. They are also highly suitable for Bed & Breakfast. These are tea boxes with a high decorative value on the table and in the Interior.

The cardboard boxes of The Dutch tea Tea Box are all beautifully crafted. Because they have different boxes, you can offer your visit choice from multiple types of tea. Your kitchen cupboards eyes a lot neater, because of lying around loose tea bags and packaging you'll no longer suffer.

Cardboard tea box 9-compartment

Unique are the tea boxes of The Dutch Tea Box because they are made of solid Board. Solid Board is very strong. There are now even chairs made of solid Board. The 9-compartment tea boxes from our range stand out by their beautiful design and multiple formats tea bags in. That is also useful if you want to keep the stock at exactly. Or what about a real Dutch tea box filled with delicious tea.

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You can choose from many types and sizes, classic or more fashionable. It doesn't matter if you many different types of tea, because we also have small tea boxes. The tea if you like beautiful presents and value attaches to the details, is possibly the suede tea box for you. The brand The Dutch Tea Box combines ease of use with eye-pleasing designs and has more to offer in terms of tea. Choose your style and provide a high tea in the style of The Dutch Tea Box

Buy a tea box and accessories at The Dutch Tea Box. Ordering is simple and you benefit from our fast delivery times.